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When: November 14, 2020 @12PM
Where: Virtually
Who: National Master Gregory Young Simultaneous Chess Match on Lichess

National Master and 2011 US Junior Chess Champion, Gregory Young hosted a special simultaneous exhibition in Lichess for the top participants in the Bright Knights Scholastic Online Chess League. Gregory Young is a San Franciscan native who has made many contributions to the development of the Bright Knights Chess Club. He first volunteered as an instructor in our organization when he was in middle school. He has recently returned to coach the Bright Knights Chess Program in his spare time after graduating from MIT with a Masters. 


The simultaneous exhibition match hosted 20 participants from the Bright Knights Scholastic Online Chess League. One player managed to win against NM Gregory Young through time technicality when Greg forgot that he had a separate browser for two games, a win nevertheless is a win, congratulations to AnimalcrossingD for winning the challenge! The top player with the best game goes to Logic5195 for being the only player pulling a draw against Greg. Logic5195 currently is the top player in the Bright Knights Scholastic Chess League with an undefeated record of 18-0 from all the tournaments combined. The player who lasted the longest on time against Greg goes to Jocey107 who wins a Bright Knights T-Shirt. 

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