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When: November 7, 2020 @3:30PM
Where: Virtually
Who: UC Santa Barbara Chess Club -Meets- Bright Knights Junior Chess Team

University of California Santa Barbara Chess Club plus Friends hosted a friendly online team match with our Bright Knights Junior Chess Team on Saturday, November 7, 2020 via The Bright Knight Junior Chess Team is a program for youth to experience team play and it arranges friendly online exhibition matches with other youth chess clubs across the states. UCSB Chess Club hosted this event to prepare our young participants to get acquainted with online team play. The event consisted of 15 minutes team introductions on Zoom, two matches on, and a virtual handshake on Zoom at the conclusion of the event in which participants thanked their opponents.  


The Bright Knights Junior Chess Team is a program open to any youth in the San Francisco Bay Area who wants to play under our team name. To register for our Bright Knights Junior Team Program please fill out our Google Form.


We want to thank the following individuals representing UCSB Chess Club: Hong Guan, Cody Szeto, Jeffrey Sun, Justin Cuneo, Benji Kaveladze, Angela Ruan, Prescott Yu, Saxon Stewart, and Lucas Nguyen for virtually volunteering with us.

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